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Tikim: Essays on Philippine Food & Culture by Doreen Fernandez


"She was Filipino food's greatest champion" - New York Times

"The grand dame of the local food writing landscape before the social media age. [Doreen Fernandez] expressed a true understanding of Filipino food and brought about the appreciation it lacked from its own people" - Pepper PH

"Food, like language, is living culture, and as such changes with the times. The old ways are tested and true; the new ways are not necessarily betrayals, if they are appropriate and result in good food.” - Tikim, Doreen Fernandez

Inspiring professor. Well-versed historian. Highly acclaimed food critic. Loving wife. Tikim is a compilation of Doreen's essays previously published in her columns in The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Mr & Ms, and other magazines. This book provides not only a taste (tikim) of Philippine food, but a legacy on the Philippine food writing industry, Filipino culture and "a collective conscience about food, identity, representation, and power. It is up to us to listen to that conscience." CNN Philippines

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