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Philippine Food, Cooking, & Dining Dictionary by Edgie Polistico


For anyone who cooks or simply loves Filipino food, this book is a vital reference and an excellent cookbook supplement.

From ampapagot (Cebuano for triggerfish) to ligaya (bread with red filling from Bicol) to ukuh ukuh (a Tausug dish resembling a sea urchin risotto), this dictionary gathers more than 8,000 terms relating to food ingredients, dishes, cooking styles, preparation techniques, and utensils, among others.

"With his lengthy and exhaustive research all around the archipelago, Edgie Polistico has gifted Filipino people food this invaluable encyclopedia on a silver platter. He painstakingly labored over it for more than two decades, and we reap the rewards in the comforts of our homes. It is indeed a very interesting and delicious read, for it is not merely a food dictionary, but it gives us insights on the different regional food byways, cultures, traditions, and cooking practices that make up the culinary quilt called Filipino cuisine as a cohesive whole. It will be the mother of all Philippine food dictionaries for generations to come".

- Claude Tayag, Artist, Food Writer and Chef 

Book details:
Weight: 0.990kg
Dimensions: 8 x 10.75in
Edition: Newsprint
Publisher: Anvil Food
Year: 2016
Language: English
Pages: 38