Merkado by The Entree.Pinays

Enamel Pins by Justine Gilbuena


A special range of Philippine-inspired enamel pins by Justine Gilbuena, a Filipina-American illustrator and designer, and a one-woman shop from Queens, New York.

Justine's design story begins with the love of sharing her tiny pieces of art with others in a more tangible way. Some of her designs are inspired by her childhood, growing up in a Filipino household, surrounded by old Singer sewing machines and danish butter cookie tins filled with needles and thread.

Something that she truly understands that her mum imparted in her was the language of Filipino food, like the smell of pandesal, spam, and garlic rice in the mornings.

"As a Filipina/Asian American, it was really important for me to design pins that I could relate to because I couldn't find any pins like that in the market. The ones that truly mean the most to me are the ones inspired by my heritage".

100% of Justine's profits from her Bayanihan pin have been donated to support Filipino youth and students in the United States and in the Philippines.

The select range of enamel art pins sold out on her website and available on Merkado include:

  1. Bayanihan: 1.9cm tall, 2.9cm wide
  2. Girl with Pandesal: 2.5cm tall, 2.1cm wide
  3. Jeepney: 1.6cm tall, 3.2cm wide
  4. Calamansi: 2.2cm tall, 2.7cm wide
  5. Sampaguita Jasmine: 1.9cm tall, 2.9cm wide

All pins are

  • Polished gold hard enamel
  • Pin back secure locking clasp
  • Pinned on an illustrated backer card

We hope that Justine's tiny art creations evoke nostalgia, wonder, and joy.

Images: Justine Gilbuena