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Coco Catsup by Saint C


Australian Exclusive: Merkado x Saint C Philippines

Introducing Saint C Philippines new, healthy and innovative twist on the famous catsup, made with real coconut milk.

It is blended with real annatto seeds to create that natural red color, malunggay (dried moringa leaves) to make it healthier, and Saint C's own pure coconut vinegar to balance the taste.

Great for grilled meats, fried chicken, BBQ (Filipino-style sweet barbies), french fries, hamburgers, and other grilled items. Makes also a great ingredient for salad dressings and even Filipino-style spaghetti.

Saint C Coconut Catsup has no additives and chemicals to lengthen shelf life.

This all-natural, delicious and truly Filipino condiment is a much-coveted addition to the family dining table.

Recommended uses:

  • Dipping sauce
  • Food seasoning
  • Cooking marinade for meat, poultry and seafood
  • Ingredient for cooking
  • Ingredient for sauces
  • Sandwich spread
  • Island dressing with mayonnaise and cheese

Weight: 250ml per bottle

Shelf Life/Expiration Date: 12 months.  

Limited stock available. 

Saint C is a premium Philippines-based brand loved by chefs and cooks alike globally. They specialise in creating innovative, healthy and tasty food condiments that enhance and liven up everyday dishes using only the freshest and most natural ingredients locally available in the Philippines, carefully hand-picked and hand-pressed to retain the original healthy flavors in their final products.

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