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NEW STOCK: Calamansi Juice by Saint C


Australian Exclusive: Merkado x Saint C Philippines

Introducing Saint C Philippines signature Philippine lime extract in its purest form. Each drop comes from fruit expertly grown and handpicked by Filipino farmers, and meticulously hand-pressed to ensure 100% freshness and all-natural goodness.

Calamansi (botanical name citrofortunella microcarpa) is a wonder fruit of the Philippines. Small in size with its unique aroma and flavour notes of lemon and lime. Calamansi offers a multitude of health benefits. It’s rich in Vitamin C, a great source of antioxidants, dietary fibres, and high in essential nutrients namely calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, and zinc. 

Use it to make your juices, marinades, dips, salad dressings, baking, calamansi booster shots in the morning and in traditional and modern Filipino dishes such as bistek Kapampangan, calamansi tart and calamansi forward beverages as part of The Entree.Pinays' In My Kusina IGTV series.

Sugar-free. Gluten-free. No MSG. Non-GMO. 

Weight: 250ml per bottle

Shelf Life/Expiration Date: 6 months. Best kept refrigerated 

Limited stock available. 

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Saint C is a premium Philippines-based brand loved by chefs and cooks alike globally. They specialise in creating innovative, healthy and tasty food condiments that enhance and liven up everyday dishes using only the freshest and most natural ingredients locally available in the Philippines, carefully hand-picked and hand-pressed to retain the original healthy flavors in their final products.

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