Amami Philippines

Tambourine Stud Earrings by Amami Philippines



Celebrating Filipino Heritage Jewellery by Amami Philippines 

We are proud to bring a selection of Amami's bestselling handmade, artisanal, and traditional pieces to Australia. Amami creations are an exemplar of the art of filigree, an indigenous technique where fine metal threads are expertly twisted and molded to form a beautiful, intricate design. Amami pieces are a Filipino legacy to be shared and celebrated between generations.

Tambourine Stud Earrings

Traditionally the paternoster bead of rosary-inspired necklaces during the Spanish colonial period of the Philippines, Amami stands for 'Ama Namin', meaning 'Our Father' in Filipino.

The Amami is arguably the most stunning and intricate tambourine bead we have come across (hence our namesake!). We have taken it from its conventional form and function, and instead created new and versatile ways for you to sport them, such as these classic, easy-to-wear studs perfect for everyday wear.

Meticulously made using ancient techniques in jewelry-making, a single Amami bead takes at least a day to make!

These pair of earrings carry stories rich in tradition and history. They become an excellent talking point when around family, friends, colleagues or even strangers too!

Medium Size: 0.8cm diameter

Made of 985 pure silver coated in 24-karat gold
Free of lead and nickel
Suitable for sensitive skin