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Claudia Creolla Earrings by Amami Philippines



Celebrating Filipino Heritage Jewellery by Amami Philippines

We are proud to bring a selection of Amami's bestselling handmade, artisanal, and traditional pieces to Australia. Amami creations are an exemplar of the art of filigree, an indigenous technique where fine metal threads are expertly twisted and molded to form a beautiful, intricate design. Amami pieces are a Filipino legacy to be shared and celebrated between generations.

Claudia Creolla Earrings

Named after an artisan's grandmother, the Claudia Creolla holds a special place in our hearts as the very first creolla Amami has ever made!

This traditional design may bring back memories of your childhood, seeing your Lola or mother fondly wearing and looking elegant in earrings resembling the Claudia. Some of you are reminded of similar jewelry while curiously shuffling through your Lola's aparador.

Our team decided to preserve its original look, only making several adjustments to ensure easier wear and an improved fit for the modern Filipina.

Our Claudia Creolla is a testament that timeless pieces truly never go out of style.

Dimensions: Height 2.2cm x Width 1.9cm


  • Made of 985 pure silver coated in 24-karat gold
  • Free of lead and nickel
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

Wear a piece of Philippine history with AMAMI

More about Amami Philippines

AMAMI is a social enterprise that celebrates the centuries-old jewelry traditions of the Philippines.

Through AMAMI, a passion project between two childhood best friends Christine Tiu and Danielle Tan, they are reintroducing this dying remnant of pre-colonial culture to younger Filipinos, while at the same time empowering its few remaining artisans so that the craft continues to live on for generations to come.

It is their mission to keep the tradition of handcrafted pre-Hispanic heritage jewelry alive and merge them into contemporary thinking and culture. We believe in empowering, providing sustainable livelihood, and creating opportunities for Filipino artisans.

Today, AMAMI works with over 20 artisans to create wearable art rich with stories and traditions of the Filipino people.